Horizon Festival 2021 | 27 AUG - 5 SEP // 27 Aug - 5 Sep 2021

Did I Say That Out Loud?


Did I Say That Out Loud?

Artist Talk and Panel Discussion, featuring Stelarc 

Did I say that out loud? What happens when questions and ruminations usually reserved for private are taken public? Can this be taken too far? 

Join us for an evening with world-renowned performance artist Stelarc and a panel of Horizon Festival featured artists, as we discuss the politics, ethics and emotions of working uncomfortably. 

Led by a keynote provocation by Stelarc, whose work has tested and pushed the limits of the human body for over 50 years, our esteemed panel of artists will dive deep into the unspoken for a thought-provoking and irreverent conversation about ‘uncomfortable art’.  

Stelarc’s work as a performance artist has seen him visually probe and acoustically amplify his body, make films from the inside of his body, suspended himself with hooks into the skin and used medical instruments, robotics and biotechnology to engineer intimate bodily responses.  Who better to ignite a conversation about the uncomfortable? 

Stelarc and the panel of artists will consider the importance of ‘uncomfortable art’ in a panel discussion, with the conversation continuing afterwards with drinks and networking. 


To be announced in July.


4-6pm: Keynote and Panel discussion  
6-7pm: Drinks and networking (cash bar) 

Image credit: Stelarc, Reclining StickMan 2020, Monster Theatres: 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, AGSA 2020 . Photo: Saul Steed 
Copyright: Stelarc


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Venue is wheelchair accessible
Potential for nudity shown in imagery in keynote presentation.